Amma Mensah

Through her work as founder and executive director of Beyond the Classroom (BTC), Amma provides leadership-skills, mentoring and work experience opportunities to girls as young as 11.  BTC’s Girlhood to Womanhood programme is unlocking a well-equipped pipeline of diverse talent, enriched by the resilience and determination forged through difficult life circumstances.  As a trustee of Business Launchpad (BLP), Amma supports thousands of young people launch and grow their own businesses, 85% of BLP clients are still trading after two years. Amma is also the youngest trustee of UnLtd, the UK’s foundation for Social entrepreneurs, where she is responsible for a £100 million endowment.  Not content with activities in the UK, Amma has been commissioned to help steer the UK arm of the Senegal based Kemi Malaika  school and Foundation (KM). One of the key objectives behind KM is to create awareness among parents about the importance of educating young girls and to promote the role of women, as essential drivers of development through education.

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