Terms & Conditions

The HERoes Women Role Model Lists are compiled for the purpose of showcasing and celebrating a wide range of business Role Models across countries, sectors and industries who are breaking down barriers in the workplace for women.

As well as Private sector organizations, we now accept submissions for those within the non-profit sector, including NGOs, charities and public sectors. Please note, we do not accept submissions from elected government officials.


Entry Criteria

  • Nominees to our Women Role Model Executive and Future Leader Lists must identify as a woman, can be any nationality, and based in any country.
  • Nominees for the HERoes Women Executive Role Model category must work within three levels from the chief executive within large organizations, be leaders of smaller organizations, or be able to demonstrate in their submission an equivalent level of seniority and influence.
  • Nominees for the HERoes Women Future Leader category can be any individuals who are not yet senior leaders in an organization but are making a significant contribution to gender diversity at work.
  • Nominees for the HERoes Advocate Executive category are working within three levels from the chief executive within large organizations, or are leaders of smaller organizations. They are senior leaders who are advocates for women in business and dedicated to creating a more diverse and inclusive business environment for women. In line with our judging criteria, those who work professionally within diversity & inclusion related roles will need to demonstrate the work they have done beyond the standard expectations and remit of their role to be considered for our Women Role Model Lists.
  • All nominees must be over 18 years of age prior to the nomination deadline.



  • New nominees for the lists can be nominated by any other individual or by themselves.
  • Those who appeared on the previous year’s HERoes Women Role Model Lists will be automatically nominated and need only supply new supporting information.
  • Only one nomination is required. The number of nominations made will not affect the likelihood of successful inclusion.
  • Once a nomination for another individual is made it cannot be withdrawn. However any additional information which may affect inclusion or exclusion from the Role Model Lists can be submitted in addition for consideration.



  • All nominees must supply their supporting information by the published deadline to be considered for our Women Role Model Lists.
  • Any information provided (excluding contact details) may be used in content featured within the lists themselves or within related promotional materials. Please clearly indicate in your entry if there is specific information that should remain private only to the judging process.
  • Submitting supporting information is a commitment and agreement to appear in our Role Model Lists should you be successful. Following submission of supporting information, nominees can only be withdrawn, or their submission changed, at the discretion of INvolve.
  • Should an entrant be aware of any historical or current professional or personal behavior (whether in the public domain or not) which could reasonably be considered to undermine the title of Role Model or counter the known values of INvolve, details must be provided for consideration alongside the submission.


Criteria and Judging process

  • Judging and scoring will be conducted according to the submission guidance provided. However INvolve and the judging panel reserve the right to discretion in the placement of any individual on our Role Model Lists.
  • The Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be contested or appealed.
  • Only work conducted in excess of the standard expectations and remit of an entrant’s job role will be considered and scored during judging. Work conducted in association or support of INvolve will be scored, however it will not be held in any higher regard than equivalent work with other parties.
  • Scoring and categorizations are based purely on the submissions made by the entrant. INvolve reserve the right to request additional information for clarification or to provide evidence supporting statements made. Failure to provide this information can result in the submission being omitted from judging.
  • Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions received, INvolve are unable to provide feedback on individual submissions.


Responsibilities as a Role Model

  • INvolve expect those featured on our HERoes Women Role Model Lists to exhibit professional and personal behavior congruent to being a Role Model and to the values upheld by INvolve. This includes historical behavior. Failure to have demonstrated or maintain these values as assessed at the discretion of INvolve, can result in the removal of any individual from any of our Role Model Lists without notice or recourse.


Data Protection

By completing and submitting the nomination, you agree that:

  • INvolve may collect and process your personal data (including name, email, company and job title) and sensitive personal data (including gender and ethnicity) and any other information you provide (together, “Your Information”) for the purposes of running HERoes Women Role Models Lists.
  • INvolve may share your information with trusted media partners and the individual members of the judging panel for such purposes.
  • Your information may be published by INvolve and trusted media partners, both online and in print, in relation to HERoes Women Role Model Lists including within any of the lists.


INvolve may contact you regarding events and media opportunities relevant to your submission for the HERoes Women Role Model Lists. If at any point you wish not to be contacted – please notify HERnominations@involvepeople.org