Rob Mukherjee

Rob leads the “EveryCloud Everyone” inclusion network – ensuring support from board level through strong internal communications, events and social media. In 2019 he enhanced EveryCloud’s Inclusion & Diversity Policy to commit to even greater active support for women and has championed increased flexible working including a flexible 4 day week and reversed work location – so home working became the accepted norm and office working the exception. He is one of only two men on Northern Power Women’s ‘Power Board’ and has been a speaker at various Northern Power Women events as well as a judge for the Northern Power Women Awards. Prior to joining EveryCloud Security, Rob’s work for gender inclusion at Vodafone across the North of England culminated in him receiving the Women In Sales Awards (Europe) ‘Male Mentor of the Year’ and Northern Power Women ‘Agent Of Change’ Award.

Edward Chidsey

Edward is an active member of Women At IHS Markit and was a senior sponsor of IHS Markit’s first ever Return to Work program for primary care givers who left the workforce and were looking to return after a career break. As a vocal advocate he has participated in ELLEVATE panels to discuss gender diversity and sponsorship as well as being involved in numerous UNITY week activities as the Partner Sponsor for the panel on Diversity & Inclusion. Edward has personally sponsored several senior women to help coach and support them for promotion to Executive Director and Managing Director levels. He has also provided company space to Path Forward and participated on a panel with several other companies to discuss views on D&I and to showcase Path Forward opportunities for over 100 returnees.

Andrew Pearce

Globally Andrew is one of Accenture’s cross-cultural leads, tasked with educating and setting best practice examples for working across cultures and ethnicities. He is the Executive Sponsor for Accenture’s African-Caribbean Network, and works with global leadership to open and grow opportunities for future women MDs. Andrew is a member of the Executive Leadership Council and has been actively engaged in a number of the events and initiatives that the UK chapter are running. He often speaks on diversity, and encourages senior managers to support coaching and volunteering efforts with local communities. He is committed to offering a platform for female leaders to thrive within a business environment and currently mentors three professional women outside Accenture, providing career guidance and helping them to maximise their potential within the challenges of their diverse organizations.

Christoph Schweizer

Christoph is a member of BCG’s Executive and Operating Committees and in this capacity shares responsibility for ensuring that the Women@BCG program (to recruit, retain, and advance women at BCG) is meeting aspirations and closing the gap when it comes to gender equality. He has played an important role in establishing new forums to acknowledge and celebrate women in the Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East (CEMA) region. Christoph personally reviews the business’s female leadership pipeline twice a year to develop a shared action plan to ensure each woman has the support needed to continue to advance at BCG and to find a successful commercial platform. During the COVID-19 crisis, he advocated for a creation of a new flexibility and compensation model which was designed specifically for caregivers who have been disproportionately impacted by the crisis. This program is a critical resource for many female—and male—employees.

Dickson Hoi Keung Lee

In his role of CFO of Standard Chartered Bank in China, Dickson is dedicated to creating an environment of gender diversity and women’s inclusion. His efforts to promote opportunities for women is reflected in the fact that approximately 72% of Standard Chartered Bank China staff are women.  Dickson also provides full support for a series of events across various branches to promote gender equality including the CEO sharing forum with colleagues on International Women’s Day. He advocates for wellbeing at work and is currently leading a project to revamp the future work model to ensure that work can fit each colleague’s needs, especially those of women. Dickson also works closely with other senior executives to ensure that Standard Chartered Bank China continues to provide financial support and education for female owned business and engages actively with female clients through events covering financial planning, next generation education, and volunteering.

Christian Edelmann

Christian is the Executive Sponsor of Oliver Wyman’s women’s network, WOW, a role he has held for over four years. He carries out female-focused recruiting events globally and leads a number of communication initiatives to profile female leaders. Since 2015, approximately 50% of entry-level consultant appointments have been women and Christian assisted in establishing firm-wide gender targets to ensure that this gender parity is better carried through to more senior roles. In 2018, he co-founded Men4Change with the aim of increasing the number of male allies at Oliver Wyman. Men4Change has significantly improved the quality of dialogue on gender topics within the firm and created a network of like-minded leaders beyond the firm. Most recently, Christian has been leading conversations around intersectional issues, particularly the experiences of Black women and what white men need to do better to be better allies to them, specifically.

Sanjeev Malik

Sanjeev has mentored dozens of women across all levels at BlackRock, as well as sponsoring emerging talent to ensure they receive the exposure and visibility they deserve at appropriate leadership forums.  He champions participation by male colleagues in BlackRock WIN events to gain broader perspectives from female participants.  In partnership with HR, He has led by example, on both recruitment and promotion processes to ensure diverse slates with women candidates and diverse interview panels, as well as data and facts driven promotion decisions that meet our principles and  free of bias. As a technologist, Sanjeev has championed and supported women technologists in APAC Hackathon events. He is also the Inclusion and Diversity Executive Committee Sponsor for Technology and Operations in APAC and founded the Singapore chapter of Forum for Asset Manager ecosystem (FAME) with industry partners equally passionate about  Sharing,  Learning & Development of Talent across all levels  , where he promotes and encourages women leadership and participation.

B. Pagels-Minor

B. is on the Board of Directors of YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, an organization whose every aspect of work is to promote and empower women. Some of the critical programs provided by YWCA include child care and parenting services, DEI training for Chicago organizations, and a WOMN ETF, which is the first ETF curated with companies that support women’s empowerment efforts. B. is also on the board of Howard Brown Health, which helps provides culturally competent healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community. B. works as a senior product leader at a large media technology company and has worked at some of the world’s most recognized and respected companies. B. is also a nationally and internationally recognized speaker specializing in DEI, building effective teams, personal development, and scaling products that delight customers.

Ingo Perizonius

Having worked for many years with EDF in France, Ingo, a proud father of four daughters, was used to many more women in senior leadership prior to working in the UK so has proactively pushed for greater equality. While at EDF, he has ensured that the senior leader talent process is 50% female and has laid the foundations and encouraged the organization to run a female only cohort through their talent development process in 2020. His team has helped to set challenging gender balance ambitions at EDF to have 40% female representation at all levels in the business and hold people to account for achieving those ambitions. To help achieve this, he as built inclusive leadership into all of their leadership development programs to create the right environment where everyone is welcome and can thrive.

Garrison Gibbons

As Head of People, Garrison oversees recruiting, talent, and performance management at Knotch and has helped double the company’s size and increase the female to male ratio at the company with 43% now female-identifying. He has rolled out several new policies including flexible time off and lengthy parental leave and transition back to work policies. As a vocal advocate he has spoken on several panels around women’s rights and women in the workplace and has ensured corporate support for several different organizations including the Memorial Slone Kettering Cancer Centre.