Terecina Kwong

Terecina is the Global Co-Sponsor for HSBC Balance Worldwide, and serves as Co-Chair for Balance China since launching the initiative in 2018 during her time as Chief Operating Officer, HSBC China. A committed advocate for equality and equitability in the workplace and beyond, Terecina supports the recruitment and retention and engagement of a diverse body of talent, mentors colleagues globally and organizes company-wide initiatives to drive inclusion. Terecina is actively involved in wider woman network within Asia and beyond and has aided in sharing best practice regarding how Covid-19 has transformed the D&I Landscape, driving tangible change for women in the workplace. Having regularly spoken at panels and been the subject of various internal and external interviews, as one of few Asian female leaders in a well-known international bank, Terecina is keen to see additional ethnicity and gender diversity at senior level. Having been COO for HSBC China since 2018, Terecina has recently been appointed COO for HSBC Europe.

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