Tanisha Sharma

At News UK, Tanisha is a member of the steering committee for Women in Tech, where she will be presenting on ‘Expressing Accomplishments’ at the upcoming event, and hosted 12 year old school girls at News UK to give them Tech insights and promote women’s inclusion in STEM. Tanisha has participated in a GenZ forum event discussing gender balance, age barriers, and women’s inclusion in the media; and she engaged in a Women in Agile meet-up, influencing women from outside News UK to promote diversity and STEM careers. Externally, Tanisha founded SHEisRARE, a non-profit dedicated to break down barriers to women’s inclusion, instil passion for STEM careers in young women and to see more women in leadership roles. She featured in the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign, volunteers as a STEM Ambassador with STEM Learning UK, and has participated in high profile interviews and media engagements discussing gender diversity.

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