Plaxedes Makura

Plaxedes is proud to work in both a firm and practice group that places a great emphasis on diversity, inclusivity and equality in the workplace. Being in the management team has enabled her to have an active role in establishing committees and networks that strive to make the practice group more welcoming and inclusive, not only for women but for all employees. This includes the establishment of the ALT Johannesburg Diversity Committee and the ALT Johannesburg Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. Plaxedes strives to foster an inclusive business culture by championing individual uniqueness. As a member of the interview panel for her team, Plaxedes is mindful of unconscious biases and is always sure to circumvent them. Recently, she was appointed to the firm’s pro-bono committee. Externally, Plaxedes is a powerful advocate for breast cancer awareness and treatment funding. She recently hosted a fitness day, Pink Power, to raise funds for a breast cancer patient who could not afford treatment.

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