Justine Zwerling

Within the Women’s Inspired Network (WIN) at the London Stock Exchange, Justine has launched and forged partnerships with many organizations to promote gender diversity and women’s inclusion and empowerment throughout the world of finance. She founded the Jewish Women’s Business Network at London Stock Exchange Group, which supports gender and neuro-diversity throughout the City and internationally. Justine volunteers with numerous organizations, with Clare Josa and Joy Burnford to combat imposter syndrome and to raise confidence. Board Advisor to Israel Bonds. Board of Sahi, supporting the lives of young people at risk through building communities and giving. She encourages diverse hiring from grassroots to board director-level, supports interns from the U.S., U.K. and Israel to gain summer placements and mentoring. Advises SafeUP, helping women in distress globally 24/7 with safe guardians for virtual support and physical help. Founding member of the UAE Israel Business council, cultivating friendships and impactful business partnerships.

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