Rakhi Kumar

Rakhi has been a key speaker at the firm’s Professional Women’s Network (PWN) events in various geographic locations. She met with female employees in Boston, Tokyo and London offices in formal and informal settings to discuss her personal challenges in managing work-life balance, particularly as a mother. She is trying to highlight the need for more awareness on the role of organizational, team and societal culture in facilitating gender diversity. She is pushing for more accountability at the individual manager level and greater exploration of team culture to better understand which practices are helping or hindering achieving gender diversity at all levels. Additionally, Rakhi helped develop and implement the engagement and voting guidelines behind SSGA’s Fearless Girl campaign that calls on companies that have no women on their boards to enhance gender diversity within their organization. Through her association with the Fearless Girl, she serves as both a spokesperson and role model in the industry on matters related to gender diversity. In honor of International Woman’s Day, she addressed the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, and called on companies to disclose gender data across their entire businesses to build more diverse leadership pipelines for the future.

Stacey Hawes

Stacey is an executive co-chair of Epsilon’s first ever Women in Leadership initiative, which she helped establish in 2017. The initiative is now available to female associates in 25 offices including Toronto and Bangalore. A champion for female representation and leadership, Stacey makes it a priority to reach a hand back and help pull other female leaders forward after not having a mentor to lean on herself. A working mother of two children, she understands the importance of women in the workplace and promotes a culture that fosters confidence, inclusion and positive outcomes for women. She regularly mentors “up and coming” female associates each year from across the business. In her local community, Stacey is actively involved in supporting Leadership Ascent, a Denver not-for-profit that helps to support women in leadership. The program provides education to women in leadership roles in business that focus largely on emotional intelligence, how women and men approach business differently and how to “reach a hand” back to help other women as they progress in their careers. Stacey also serves on the Board of Directors for a local not-for-profit called Denver Urban Scholars, and is an active speaker and thought leader in the industry.

Hannah Grove

Hannah is a founder of Leading Women, a group established nine years ago comprising State Street’s female executive vice presidents. Their mission is to advance and sponsor senior women across the organization with the proviso that they pay it forward to junior colleagues. Additionally, she is a global advisory board member of State Street’s Professional Women’s Network, the company’s largest employee resource group. As a member of State Street’s Management Committee, its most senior policy making and strategy group, she has advanced new multi-year gender diversity goals with the objective of making the company best in class in terms of diversity. Externally, Hannah served as a board member, and ultimately president, of the Women’s Lunch Place, a shelter for disadvantaged women and children in Boston. While there she established a library and resource centre for guests to access job skill and career support. She is a decade long supporter of the Massachusetts Conference for Women, and speaks regularly at events to share career advice and advocate for more women in the industry. As a Big Cheese Reader with Boston Partners in Education, she reads in public schools to encourage young women to enter STEM track careers.

Ron O’Hanley

Starting his early career at McKinsey, Ron became very involved in various programs to develop, mentor, and retain women, and championed several women who went on to become senior partners at his firm. At State Street, he has led the corporate governance activities of State Street Global Advisors. State Street’s corporate governance research demonstrates that companies with gender diverse leadership deliver better long-term results. Therefore, in 2017 State Street issued additional principles on board gender diversity. For 2017 International Women’s Day, Ron’s team placed the Fearless Girl statue in the center of Wall Street as a symbolic call for more women on boards. Since the Fearless Girl’s placement, 152 US companies identified as lacking a single woman director have added a woman to their board and another 34 have pledged to do so. This year, State Street’s call for increased board diversity has been expanded to Canada and Japan. Fearless Girl’s phenomenal success is catalysing discussions and actions on gender diversity. Externally, Ron is a frequent speaker at important corporate governance/gender diversity events, and is actively involved in the 30% Club. He is also on The Boston Foundation Board of Directors, a leading community foundation committed to diversity and inclusion.