Nina Stepanek

Nina is a strong advocate for equal rights and equal pay. She ensures that mothers on her team are offered more flexibility in their contracts to allow them to balance work and family. She has created a training programme for interns, many of whom are women, to enable them to develop their potential, help them build their confidence and to support them in their next career steps. The programme has led to an increased number of young professionals being offered long-term jobs at Warner Music Central Europe after successful internships. Nina keeps closely connected with all her female former employees to offer support and networking opportunities. Externally, Nina was a member of the Board of Trustees and speaker at the newly-founded Recorded Music Summer School in 2018. Alongside designing modules and lectures on the course, Nina held a lecture with two other female marketing experts in Music, providing a great opportunity for young female professionals to gain more insight into the Music industry, to get a clearer idea of potential employers and to find female mentors to guide them on their career paths.

Hiltrud Dorothea Werner

Hiltrud is an active mentor to numerous women both within and beyond VW, within Germany and internationally. She has been involved in national and international groups active in the field of diversity for many years, such as Women Corporate Directors, the G(irls)20 Summit and the Women Political Leaders Forum. Hiltrud is passionate about helping young women to break the glass ceiling, raising awareness of gender issues and equal pay, and advocating for women whenever possible. As a board member, Hiltrud also gives interviews and participates in panel discussions on issues surrounding diversity.

Joerg Ambrosius

Jörg is co-chair of State Street’s EMEA Diversity Council, and has been instrumental in creating and supporting the regional inclusive and diversity strategy, helping to drive local activity aligned with local challenges. He engages with leaders across the region to actively drive positive change. He has served on the Global Advisory Board of State Street’s Professional Women’s Network and was recently invited to join the organisation’s Leading Women group to support initiatives designed to create a more inclusive culture.