Shruthi Rao

Shruthi Rao is CEO of Adapt Ready, an early stage business in the InsurTech space. Under her leadership, the company has won major industry awards for its innovative risk intelligence platform, including “Risk-Modelling Technology of the Year”, “Excellence in Technology”, and “Best Customer Service Product”. As a longtime proponent of “women-in-tech” (and gender equality in general), Shruthi was featured in major publications for International Women’s Day in 2018. Diversity is one of the top agendas at her company, from 50% board representation to advisers and team. She is a firm believer that “good business” and “good for businesses” do not have to be mutually exclusive. Shruthi began her career as a software engineer, later moving onto management consulting. She holds a BE in electrical engineering and an MBA.

Shuchi Sharma

Shuchi leads Gender Intelligence for SAP globally, and is charged with ensuring SAP is attracting, retaining, and promoting women to achieve a goal of 30% women in leadership by 2022. She is currently helping SAP renew its EDGE certification and implement action plans in over 12 countries where 80% of our population resides that will help us ensure gender equality. In addition, she is spearheading initiatives designed to enhance sponsorship, create flexible working arrangements, and a culture of male allies that understand gender diversity is good for everyone, not just for women. Shuchi also speaks at global conferences on gender equality and is active with UN Women helping to drive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address gender equality.

Val Risk

The 2018 BITC Gender Champion and previously chair of the Women’s Business network, Val has created a clear Gender Strategy and Action Plan embedding change so women can succeed, close the gender pay gap and increase the representation of women especially in leadership, technical and customer facing roles. Val represents the company in the 30% Club, sits on the Everywoman Industry panel, supports Women in Automotive and was a non-executive Director for six years for an NHS Health Trust championing patient equality and chairing a health charity. A role model for diversity and its impact on business success Val was awarded the Global President’s Award 2017 and the Top Performers Award for her work on customer digital transformation and co-creation.

Helen Baker

As an LGBTQIA+ woman, Helen takes an intersectional approach to gender equality. Helen champions diversity initiatives in her sector alongside her role at Sage. She mentors up and coming talent, and regularly takes part in the Women in STEM Accenture annual event where she hosts a Sage stand to encourage girls to get curious about tech and open their minds to the skills and roles available. She repeats this exercise at numerous colleges and local digital events every year.

Ngaire Moyes

Ngaire leads LinkedIn’s EMEA employee resource group, Women at LinkedIn and helped drive initiatives for International Women’s Day. She regularly hosts and takes part in internal panels and workshops on issues related to gender equality, including most recently a panel in Dublin with an audience of 140 people. Ngaire mentors a number of women inside and outside of LinkedIn, and has taken part in a scheme by the Inspiring Women Campaign where professional women visit schools and speed mentor girls. On LinkedIn, Ngaire writes on gender equality and women in the workplace, and has been interviewed for the ‘Human Experience’ podcast on gender equality and the workplace.

Tiffany Poeppelman

At LinkedIn, Tiffany blends her daily leadership of core business initiatives like the 2018 opening of a new company office in Berlin, with service as both a culture ambassador and mentor to young women across the enterprise. She has coached dozens of young women to pursue leadership positions in technology, tackling deep-rooted imbalances in the sector. Tiffany also served as a board member of Women at LinkedIn, an employee resource group focused on developing female leaders. Tiffany spends much of her time outside of work as a thought leader in the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, serving as a mentor to young professionals new to the field, and writing a quarterly column on the subject. She actively promotes diversity by participating in mentoring sessions and developing “personal branding” events. She also showcases her business leadership through outlets like: Training Industry Magazine; speaking on podcasts; and keynote talks at many events internationally. Most recently, she was a featured speaker at Vodafone’s International Women’s Week, and at the Ericsson Women network resource group.

Angela Oduor Lungati

Angela Oduor Lungati is a technologist, community builder and an open source software advocate who is passionate about building and using appropriate technology tools to create impact in lives of marginalised groups. With over 7 years experience, she currently serves as Director of Community Engagement at Ushahidi, providing support and building programs for Ushahidi’s diverse global community of users and contributors.  At Ushahidi, Angela  serves as a mentor to several female colleagues, in her capacity as the Director of Community Engagement at Ushahidi, and has been part of a team that has developed progressive policies that allows for a flexible work-life balance of all employees. In April 2010, Angela co-founded AkiraChix, along with a group of friends working in the tech industry.  AkiraChix is a non-profit organisation that nurtures generations of women who use technology to develop innovations and solutions for Africa. AkiraChix provides technical training for young girls from low income areas, high school students and primary school children, with the goal of increasing technical capacity of women, and ultimately increasing the number of women working in the tech industry.

Joanne Borrett

Joanne is a Senior Software Development Release Project Manager in IBM UK.  In addition to this role she is the Diversity & Inclusion lead supporting the IBM UK Laboratory’s in the UK & Ireland, where she leads, coordinates and runs many gender related initiatives.   She has played a pivotal role in the organisation, development, delivery and leadership across a number of initiatives and special gender diversity programs, in order to support women’s career and skills advancement in IBM.  She leads many Women in IT events  where the theme was ‘Press for Progress’ – progress in careers, progress in technology and progress in diversity.  She is the co-founder and launched a pilot program to support women with their careers –  Developing Your Technical Career.  Joanne has been a key sponsor of a number of programs at IBM including the UK wide Connecting Women @IBM where she is involved in running events to encourage women to network across the organisation. She is a powerful advocate and role model regularly being a guest speaker or running events for local schools, colleges and universities  to encourage more women through the use of STEM workshops to join the IT industry.

Helene Silverman

Helene believes that supporting women’s professional development and advancement is crucial to the success of an organization, and relies on fundamentals of role models, mentors, connections and support. She has made addressing these fundamental needs a central part of her career, and was a founding member of the Women’s Mentor Program at Information Resources. This group established mentorship best practices, identified mentor pairings, and provided ongoing support to mentees through one-on-one sessions, group workshops and inspirational yet practical guest speakers. She brought this experience with her to future employers and continues to play a role in formal mentor programs. At Lightspeed, she is currently a mentor in the LEAP program, which pairs influential senior women with high potential women in other parts of the company. She is currently developing a program to bring one-on-one mentorship to a broad group of employees, to go beyond existing invitation-based mentoring. She is often sought out as a mentor and coach, particularly in the areas of communication, employee engagement, and difficult conversations, and has developed mentoring relationships both internally and externally.

Kerry Sinclair

Kerry Sinclair leads a team of technology specialists at Sage – one of the UK’s largest technology companies. She is mindful that a career in technology development and delivery hasn’t historically been a favoured career choice of women.  To help address the challenge of gender diversity in her field, Kerry is involved in a number of Sage, industry and educational programmes. Kerry helped build a leadership programme to support high potential females in technology, a yearlong programme that focuses on women in STEM. She speaks at industry events such as the North East Chamber of Commerce and has worked with local schools and in order to change mind-sets amongst young women considering their career options. At Sage Kerry coaches women through the Women@Sage programme, designed to support talented females through their careers. She also works across various programmes including: return to work, diversity training, unconscious bias awareness and much more.