Ana Battung

Ana is currently on the Executive Leadership team for the Women@Hyatt West Chapter which encompasses 10 cities with 300 members. Their mission is to provide resources, learning & networking opportunities for our members to grow both personally & professionally. Ana has also been asked to be on the panel for a Women’s Empowerment Series in Washington DC aimed to guide young women professionals. Ana was recently appointed to oversee global Inclusion and Diversity Sales for Hyatt globally and is also the Membership Chair for the Hyatt Asian-Pacific Islanders DBRG Corporate Chapter.  

Leigh Lafever-Ayer

Leigh is the Chair of the UK/Ireland diversity team and founded a ‘Mum & Tots’ group, allowing women and men to bring babies into the office when on leave. She launched Enterprise’s first women’s networking group ‘Enterprising Women’ and developed an award-winning ‘Diversity Scorecard’ – a company-wide benchmarking tool. She also created the internal gender diversity magazine ‘DRIVE’ and Twitter page to engage leaders/customers/universities and profile successful women in the business. Additionally, she helped sponsor #inpursuit, an Enterprising Women’s annual customer event focusing on diversity and inclusion, attracting 100+ customers. Externally, Leigh was appointed to the BITC Leadership Team for Gender Diversity, championed BITC’s #EqualLives research, and is a regular speaker at conferences, in HR press, and at events on gender diversity, recently speaking on inclusion at DEFRA. She is a sponsor of the Women of the Future and Asian Women of Achievement Awards, and championed the BITC Race At Work Survey 2018.

Abi Wright

Abi has taken from a two person business in 2008 to 80 members of staff today (the majority of which are women), with a strong focus on ensuring that all employees feel appreciated and have the chance to progress in their career. She recently opened a second call centre in Brighton to encourage more women to be able to be able to return to work. This shows in the company’s near perfect 4.8 score on Glassdoor. Abi has won numerous awards since launching 11 years ago including the European Business Award for Leading Woman in Business for Inclusivity and Diversification, the First Women in Travel and Leisure Award in June 2017, and she won the Natwest and Everywoman Female Entrepreneur of the Year in November 2017. Abi works with a number of women within her industry to improve opportunities for women and to help improve women’s work opportunities, as well as their confidence, health and wellbeing.  She has also recently joined the board of the CEW. She pioneered Recovery Retreats for people with cancer in 2008, working alongside other leading women in the spa industry has broken down prejudicial barriers against cancer patients and other individuals in spas.