Rakhi Kumar

Rakhi has been a key speaker at the firm’s Professional Women’s Network (PWN) events in various geographic locations. She met with female employees in Boston, Tokyo and London offices in formal and informal settings to discuss her personal challenges in managing work-life balance, particularly as a mother. She is trying to highlight the need for more awareness on the role of organizational, team and societal culture in facilitating gender diversity. She is pushing for more accountability at the individual manager level and greater exploration of team culture to better understand which practices are helping or hindering achieving gender diversity at all levels. Additionally, Rakhi helped develop and implement the engagement and voting guidelines behind SSGA’s Fearless Girl campaign that calls on companies that have no women on their boards to enhance gender diversity within their organization. Through her association with the Fearless Girl, she serves as both a spokesperson and role model in the industry on matters related to gender diversity. In honor of International Woman’s Day, she addressed the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, and called on companies to disclose gender data across their entire businesses to build more diverse leadership pipelines for the future.