Jim Brown

Through his life and work experiences, across multiple continents, Jim has seen first-hand the benefits that diversity brings to both the workplace and society.  As CEO for Sainsbury’s Bank, and Board Sponsor for Gender at Sainsbury’s, Jim is focussed on moving the dial on diversity and is committed to promoting an inclusive culture where colleagues from all backgrounds are able to reach their full potential.  Jim championed the recent launch of Sainsbury’s Gender Network, INSPIRE, and is actively engaged in the network’s plans and events.  Under his leadership at Sainsbury’s Bank, diversity and inclusion is a key component of the organisational goals with all of the Executive team actively involved in specific colleague initiatives including: sponsorships of mentoring circles and a development programme for Women, launch of an Inclusion Working Group and, overseeing commitments made to the Women in Finance Charter.  Outside of Sainsbury’s, Jim is a Be Inspired Ambassador.