Michael Kent

Michael was the Executive Committee’s Gender Champion for the last three years, during which time he acted as a role model to partners and lawyers across the firm. He took responsibility for ensuring that the firm and the Division for which he was responsible met its target of electing 30% new female partners over the past two years. Michael launched and led the firm’s HeForShe group, organising events, campaigns and internal efforts to promote the group to the largest audience possible, resulting in 212 male staff signing up in the UK alone. For International Women’s Day, Michael canvassed the firm’s most senior male partners across the globe to get their thoughts on the HeForShe programme and secured their commitment to press for progress in gender equality as HeForShe supporters. He also sponsored Stepping Forward, the firm’s newest talent development programme for more junior female associates. Externally, Michael has been a powerful industry voice speaking out on this topic across multiple high level fora exchanging views, experiences and best practice with other business leaders introducing gender related initiatives within their own organisations.  Within the legal industry he has been a vocal champion for greater gender equality and opportunity, helping to lead discussions with other senior partners from law firms across the City. He is a frequent and committed mentor, keynote speaker and industry champion for diversity.

Claudia Parzani

As a member of the global executive committee of Linklaters, Claudia is the global champion for gender and promotes internal initiatives supporting the enhancement of women’s talent. Currently she is working with the HR department on a new action plan to accelerate progress on gender diversity. She has championed a number of successful initiatives within Linklaters’ network such as Breakfast@linklaters; the Linklaters’ Women Leadership Programme and the Stepping Forward programme for developing talented women at Linklaters. Externally, Claudia has been an ambassador of Inspiring Girls, an international programme launched in Italy by the association Valore D (the first association of large Italian companies supporting women’s leadership) and was President from 2013 to 2016. She has also contributed to the development of In The Boardroom and The CEO School for women on executive boards. She is often invited to speak at conferences, roundtables, seminars and courses on financial matters and diversity issues, and has been interviewed by national and international media on such topics. This year, Claudia has been interviewed by DiverCity, a new Italian magazine on inclusion and innovation, and held a masterclass and released an interview for FREEDA, the first Italian social media platform for young women.

Claudia Parzani

As a member of Linklaters global executive committee Claudia is the global champion for gender, sponsor of the Female Leadership Programme and through various other initiatives, such as Breakfast@linklaters, supports the enhancement of female talent. She is also a member of the International Board of Women for Expo and for 3 years was President of Valore D. She contributed to the development of “In the Boardroom”, the programme which trained 300 women for board positions and “The CEO School” for women on executive boards. This year, together with Valore D, she launched as ambassador in Italy “Inspiring Girls”, an international program connecting female role models and young girls. In 2017, Claudia was awarded “Lawyer of the Year – Equity Capital Markets” at the Legal Community Awards and was listed first among 30 female Italian leading lawyers by Legal Community. Additionally, she is ranked as “Star Individual” by leading global directory Chambers. Claudia is also Chair of Allianz Italia and Deputy Chair of the Italian Stock Exchange as well as an external member of Politenico Di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy.