Edward Chidsey

Edward is an active member of Women At IHS Markit and was a senior sponsor of IHS Markit’s first ever Return to Work program for primary care givers who left the workforce and were looking to return after a career break. As a vocal advocate he has participated in ELLEVATE panels to discuss gender diversity and sponsorship as well as being involved in numerous UNITY week activities as the Partner Sponsor for the panel on Diversity & Inclusion. Edward has personally sponsored several senior women to help coach and support them for promotion to Executive Director and Managing Director levels. He has also provided company space to Path Forward and participated on a panel with several other companies to discuss views on D&I and to showcase Path Forward opportunities for over 100 returnees.

Andrew Eisen

Andrew is heavily involved in a number of groups at IHS Markit dedicated to gender equality, including Executive Sponsor of the Women’s Forum, member of the IHS Markit Ally Network and member of the Financial Services Diversity and Inclusion Executive Working Group. As a Sponsor for Women in Tech, he has helped develop a mentoring program that nurtures women’s leadership skills, empowering participants to own and drive their careers and build confidence to have crucial career development conversations with their managers. As a long-term advocate, Andrew has also been involved in dozens of internal and external D&I committees and initiatives focused on the issue of gender equality.

Sari Granat

Sari is an Executive Sponsor across IHS Markit in promoting gender diversity and inclusion and founded the Women in Technology Global Affinity Group at the company. Sari developed and launched IHS Markit’s innovative Board Development Programme to support diversity in public company boardrooms by providing boardroom executive experience to diverse board candidates who have not yet sat on a public company board. She is also currently sponsoring the first ever IHS Markit 16-week structured mentoring program for high potential female employees. Sari was one of 2018’s three honorees to receive the Legal Momentum’s Aiming High Award and is an active Board Member and fund raiser for Opening Act, a New York City-based urban educational organization. Sari is committed to elevating and inspiring others to push for self-advancement and is a valued mentor to women professionals within and outside her role at IHS Markit.