Magdalene Pedersen

Magdalene has served as Head of GSK’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) for the past four years, and has led significant change to build a more balanced organisation within GSK. During her tenure, WLI’s membership has grown from 1,500 to over 6,500 and from six chapters to 22 with members across over 40 different countries. Annual survey results demonstrate that WLI members overwhelmingly feel that WLI benefits the company overall and helps them perform better in their day jobs. To supplement WLI’s work at a grassroots level, Magdalene worked with key stakeholders within GSK last year to construct a Global Gender Council, which aims to progress gender diversity at all levels in within the company. Magdalene sits on the Global Gender Council as the voice of WLI. Through WLI, Magdalene’s team was able to persuade GSK to sign on as one of 11 founding companies of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s (HBA) Gender Parity Collaborative. Independently of GSK, Magdalene has held several board positions within the HBA, a non-profit dedicated to the leadership advancement and impact for women in healthcare. Magdalene drove the HBA’s establishment in the UK and has helped to establish the organisation across Europe. She has also been involved with the UK Government’s Women’s Business Council’s work to support the attraction, retention and promotion of women in to STEM careers in the UK.

Kimberley Hunt

Having herself benefitted from the support and mentorship of colleagues in developing a highly successful career in the fields of Sales and STEM, where women have traditionally been underrepresented, Kimberley has been keen to pay this forward to the next generation of up-and-coming women. In particular, she is a strong advocate of mentoring, having mentored approximately 50 people over the course of her career, the majority of whom have been women. In addition to being a mentor herself, Kimberley has also encouraged others to do the same, by becoming a sponsor of GSK’s mentoring programme in the US. Externally, Kimberley sponsored the partnership with the LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity), which has a mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods industry in Europe through education, leadership and business development. Kimberley prioritised investment from her operating budget to support the enterprise partnership with LEAD, ensuring GSK were one of the early ‘Gold’ sponsors of the network. Most recently, Kimberley has also supported LEAD by producing an ‘Inspirational Journeys’ video, which showcases her own success story and was circulated to LEAD’s 2,700 members, as well as being available to all to view on their website.

Maggie Pedersen

When Maggie started to realise the potential impacts of unconscious bias in society, she was inspired to drive change through taking on the role of Global Head of GSK’s Women’s Leadership Initiative. Leveraging her role, she has led a strategy for global growth, developing the WLI presence from two countries to over forty. She has held regular senior stakeholder engagements, with a focus on gender balance, collaborating with external not-for-profits, providing networking opportunities and 50% membership growth. When Maggie relocated to the UK from the US, she found that the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association lacked a presence in London, so she drove the establishment of the UK division; now it is one of the strongest and fastest growing regions of the European Chapter. Maggie has since progressed through various roles, culminating in becoming President of the European Chapter in January 2017. She is responsible for leading the Board to deliver strategic and profitability objectives, centred on advancing the leadership impact of women in healthcare. Maggie is now planning her next initiative; working with expert organisations to develop a secondary school curriculum on beekeeping in Western Africa. This will empower women to be economically independent and provide extra income for families.

Sheri Mullen

Sheri invests a great deal of time in mentoring and coaching colleagues, leading by example in managing work-life balance. She works closely with HR to ensure that the best female talent is being given the chance to come through; her own team is comprised of almost two-thirds female employees. She has been involved with the Women’s Leadership Initiative since it was an informal network in the 1990s, right through its formalisation, and became one of two executive sponsors in 2011. Sheri has been a member of the Healthcare Business Association for over ten years, and has served in an industry advisory nature. She has also shared her perspective in a red carpet interview at the Women of the Year Event and continues to support the development of women through their programming efforts. She participates in and leads initiatives with international charity Dress for Success which helps women with one of the most fundamental barriers to success – what you wear. Similarly, she has focussed on enhancing interview skills with other not-for-profit organisations aimed at developing and supporting women, including GenHERation and Girls on the Run. She has spoken on various panels on gender diversity, and the professional and personal development of female employees.