Matt Brittin

Matt is the Executive Sponsor of Women@google and Board Member of the DEI council where he takes responsibility for DEI across EMEA covering over twenty thousand employees. He has also been working for two years as the Executive Sponsor for the regional Women@google community which is the largest employee network throughout 36 countries. Matt initiated #itsuptome – a program to ensure every colleague works to build a more inclusive workplace culture and managers become responsible for progress as part of their quarterly objectives. Matt’s other work includes hosting the initial EMEA Women@google leadership summit, sponsoring the Google State of Black Women summit in EMEA in 2019, and sponsoring of the Women’s Forum; a prominent platform for women’s STEM education. He is also an active mentor and sponsor for #IamRemarkable – a worldwide Google initiative that empowers women and underrepresented groups to celebrate successes in the workplace and beyond.

Hanne Tuomisto-Inch

Hanne chairs Women@Google UK, and has previously led the ItsUptoMe allyship campaign to energise leaders, managers and employees, which resulted in the implementation of inclusive hiring practices and a culture of inclusion. With Women@, Hanne co-led the UK part of global walkout to end forced arbitration, increase transparency, and launch a sexual harassment investigation report and an investigation care support program. A key Women@ focus for 2020 is the gender pay gap, and the network is challenging leaders to focus on progression and setting ambitious goals, with recommendations now incorporated into the UK DEI market plan. Women@ has launched a career conversation series with the Black Googler Network, reintroduced Stretch training in the UK, run a ‘How to Own the Room’ future female leadership pilot, and a three month Grow Your Career Your Own Way program. Externally, Women@ hosted the first Each for Equal summit this year, among other impactful initiatives.

Yonca Dervişoğlu

As CMO for Google EMEA, Yonca has created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plan for EMEA Marketing and is its Executive Member. A long-time vocal advocate for gender equality and Google and beyond, Yonca Co-founded Grow with Google which provides free digital training to millions globally with 47% of those trainees women with EMEA. As Executive Member of the DEI committee, Yonca has initiated region-wide DEI programmes, Co-founded Google Pride Day and is also a Co-Founder of EMEA’s Racial Equity Working Group, working to find long term intersectional solutions for equality. Additionally, Yonca is an Advisory Board Member for accelerateHER, created to address the under-representation of women in technology and is a previous member of the Board of Heineken. Yonca is the Executive Sponsor of #IamRemarkable, empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak candidly about their triumphs in the workplace and beyond.

Einat Nemesh

Einat is a senior member of Google Israel’s management and is constantly striving for gender equality, promoting women to senior positions and acting as a very visible female role model. As a member of Parliament 51, she has signed Google up to the statement for gender equality. Externally, Einat is a mentor to many women at different stages in their careers.