Babu Thiagarajan

Babu is Executive Co-Sponsor of Fidelity International’s Global Gender Network as well as a member on the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council. In that role he has brought a formal focus to effectively address the gender imbalance at all levels of the organisation. Externally, as a member of the industry association, NASSCOM, he has sponsored, championed and facilitated their first D&I focused conference in northern India. He continues to champion his teams’ involvement with and their sponsorship of a Delhi regional chapter to help drive the agenda of women in technology. To engage with their communities on the same objective, Fidelity International in India have successfully skilled over 1000 women from marginalised communities to enable them to take first steps towards employment and empowerment. They have also worked with schools in under privileged areas to enable over 700 girls to stay in school and complete their schooling.

Anne Richards

Anne has demonstrated a passion for driving gender equality in business. In her capacity as Sponsor and Speaker of Fidelity Women in Tech and Sponsor and Host of Fidelity Senior Women’s Network, Anne advocates for inclusion at a strategic level reinforcing real-life applications, flexible operating and reducing the gender pay gap. Anne is an ambassador for Women on Boards UK and has developed a partnership with the 30% club to boost women career development through involvement in a cross-company mentoring program and has reinforced the launch of Women & Money campaign through four countries – speaking and empowering women clients to take charge of their monetary futures. In ‘Women and Money Labs’ influencers from industry, government and media were unified to uncover tangible solutions.