Leigh Lafever-Ayer

Leigh has been co-chair of Enterprise’s UK/Ireland diversity team since 2007, where she started a ‘Mum and Tots’ group, launched Enterprise’s first women’s networking group, ‘Enterprising Women’, and developed an award-winning, company-wide benchmarking tool. She created the gender diversity magazine ‘DRIVE’, which is distributed to employees, customers and universities. Leigh drives employee awareness through Twitter and has also introduced a number of events, both client and customer facing, to showcase diversity at Enterprise. Under Leigh’s leadership, Enterprise was shortlisted for Corporation of the Year by Women of the Future in 2016, been included in the Times’ Top 50 Companies for Women for the last 12 years and has increased the number of females in senior management positions by 58% and women holding director positions by 83%. Externally, Leigh is a member of the BITC Leadership Team for Gender Diversity. She is a regular speaker at conferences, in the HR press and at events on gender diversity. Enterprise is a sponsor of Women of the Future and the Asian Women of Achievement Awards. Leigh has also held positions on multiple advisory boards and organised International Women’s Day conferences with influential guest speakers.