Dr Miranda Brawn

Miranda has worked on driving diversity with senior management across numerous organisations and has participated in mentoring, media interviews and public speaking, resulting in an increase in diverse recruitment. She has spoken out internationally in support of young people and diversity on TV, radio and in the press. Her work across the UK has helped her to close diversity gaps in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the US and Scotland. Miranda has also given speeches on diversity and inclusion at a number of events, conferences, seminars, schools, universities and venues across the UK and Globe. More recently, Miranda gave a talk to Pakistan’s first and only female university being the first UK speaker to speak to their female students on STEM and diversity. In 2018, Miranda launched a women’s empowerment scholarship via the multi-award winning Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation, which was launched in January 2016 to help increase all forms of diversity including gender diversity. This year, Miranda has launched women of colour in tech and engineering scholarships. Her foundation has helped over 50,000 young people to date and has attracted the support of highly influential individuals across the Globe. Miranda has also been a board member for various organisations and charities, such as Cancer Research UK Women of Influence, helping to raise £1m and mentor female scientists who are new to leadership positions. Her Tedx Women Modena Talk in December 2018 highlights some tips on how together we can close the diversity gap.