Laura Barrowman

Laura is not only a technologist, she is a trailblazer in promoting and empowering women in IT. As the global sponsor of Credit Suisse’s IT Women’s Council (ITWC), Laura works with colleagues around the globe to attract and retain female tech talent and fuel the pipeline for the future. Programs and initiatives within ITWC are intended to increase promotability of deserving female staff, impart career skills, and more fundamentally, bring together diverse voices to create a real community and powerful social network for women at Credit Suisse. Recently, Laura’s efforts have led to a change in job descriptions to remove gender-specific language or biases, and to promote programs that help women progress. Externally, Laura is a big proponent of STEM education for girls – and advocates on its behalf whenever and wherever possible. Earlier this year, she met with members of the UK government to discuss STEM education for young girls, and was asked to participate in a panel event at EPFL in Lausanne with other STEM advocates and business leaders. Laura is also the Credit Suisse Champion for Million Women Mentors – which strives to build the global number of volunteers and mentors driving girls toward future STEM ambitions and careers.

Pips Bunce

Pips is a key proponent for many of Credit Suisse’s gender focused initiatives and regularly promotes the importance of intersectionality. This spans the LGBT & Ally Program, which she co-leads, the European Women’s Network and the IT Women’s Council where she is a ‘Champion of Women in IT’, designed to promote the changes needed to build the pipeline of female and non-binary talent in the workplace by being a visible ambassador. Externally, Pips regularly speaks at external high profile gender network  events to promote the importance of gender equality & parity. She uses these as a platform to promote the good work being done and to articulate why such initiatives are so key, what good looks like and how firms can improve their support for a more diverse gender workforce where there is the parity, equal representation and equality across all 3 genders. Recent events include Women of the Square Mile Diversity Conference, the ‘Sit With Me’ campaign from the National Centre for Women & Information Technology coalition, and the Diversity In Technology conference – other examples include presenting to the Lords in the Houses of Parliament on topics such as non-binary/gender fluidity and changes sought to the Gender Recognition Act.

Pippa Bunce

Pips took the conscious decision to be ‘out’ at work as gender fluid to embrace and advocate the importance of authenticity as well as to shine a light on the power and diversity of women in the workplace. Multiple aspects of our identity, including gender identity/expression, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation,  disability and religion  influence our experiences at work. Our sex or gender may be the same, but our identities, our successes and our struggles are different and it is for this reason why Pips is proud to be a female champion in business. She is a member of the European Women’s Network/IT Women’s Council and had many external publications relating to gender equality published. Additionally, she has been integral in providing reverse mentoring to management board members of the firm and is co-lead of the LGBT & Ally program at Credit Suisse where she places much importance on intersectionality and how the voices of all types of women and our allies need to be heard to drive forward gender equality – our differences make us stronger and diversity should be celebrated, not tolerated. Pips is also a regular panellist/speaker on gender equality, and often interviewed by external publications on the topic.

Stefano Toffolo

Stefano actively encourages diversity and flexibility, as demonstrated by establishing a Women’s Network to support the development, advancement and engagement of a gender-balanced workforce. Stefano has initiated many initiatives and policy changes to increase gender diversity within his own significant area of influence. Since 2014, six female professionals joined Stefano’s team to re-enter the workforce through the bank’s “Real-Returns Program” and he offers his professional experience as a mentor to many employees. Stefano participates in a variety of events, both internally and externally, aimed at promoting gender diversity and encouraging the advancement of women. He also holds attended an advice seminar for Liverpool University, at their London campus, and offers advice to female students on developing their career paths.