Iain Anderson

Iain sponsored Cicero to become the first communications company to join the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter and set ambitious targets for a 50/50 gender balance in their first year of recruitment, which has been surpassed. Cicero is also part of the 30% Club and actively participate in their mentoring programme. Cicero has supported the City of London’s initiatives around women at work in the City, and has provided pro bono support to the Diversity Project for the asset management sector. Cicero has recently been awarded the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) Workplace Champions award for their work in supporting diversity at work. Cicero supports LGBT+ women at work with OUTstanding and supports the Women in Public Affairs network. Iain has been named as one of the PRCA 50 for 50 champions of diversity, he has appeared on BBC Question Time this year speaking about the importance of diversity and has worked with the 10 Downing Street business liaison team to support the Diversity Project. He is a Non-Executive Director of the global Fintech body Innovate Finance, where he chairs the Fintech Strategy Board. The Board has launched key initiatives in 2019 around women in finance, including a schools’ careers programme, and support for the Rose Review.

Charlotte Adamson

Charlotte is a vocal champion for gender equality at Cicero, regularly reminding senior leadership of the need to do better in terms of the gender balance of the team and pointing out examples of unconscious bias. She has challenged all-male panels at events and actively participated in efforts to improve the recruitment process; working with HR to improve  the language in job adverts and descriptions, and pressing for more gender balanced shortlists and interview panels. This has led to a more balanced selection of candidates and a more diverse range of hires. Charlotte has used her position as a Women in Public Affairs (WiPA) Committee member to encourage Cicero to host more events specifically on issues of gender equality and has been involved in planning broader events on this issue; for example a successful panel event on equality in the workplace to coincide with 2017’s International Women’s Day. She has taken a leading role in organising social events specifically for women in the business including company-wide networking events. She also mentors junior women within Cicero. As part of the WiPA committee, Charlotte has helped to deliver a full range of events from networking to training for members. She also acted as a mentor for WiPA’s recent speed mentoring session. Beyond WiPA, Charlotte is involved in numerous other initiatives to support D&I across the financial services sector.

Parisa Namazi

Parisa was responsible for signing up Cicero Group to 30% club and women ahead mentoring scheme, and gave all female employees the opportunity to sign up to mentoring. Throughout the process she encouraged male allies, with approximately 35% of mentors being male. She led Cicero through joining Women in Finance Charter, and as a result of this, has held events on International Women’s Day to empower female employees, maintained a level of 50% female new hires,  led focused training sessions and has signed employees up to industry specific women’s networks. Elected in 2016, Parisa is one of 12 to sit on HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter Industry Board to represent SME and professional service signatory firms, and returns to her university to give talks on career progression and provide advice for those who have not been placed on a graduate scheme to consider other options and to be a role model for those looking to enter HR.

Iain Anderson

Iain sponsored Cicero to become the first communications company to join the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter and set ambitions targets for a 50 50 gender balance in thier first year of recruitment, which has been surpassed. He is a key part of the Diverse City initiative working with Dame Helena Morrissey to support diversity charities, with a special emphasis on women in work. He has also worked with the 10 Downing Street business liaison team to drive the Prime Minister’s support for the initiative. Additionally, he sponsored and hosted an investor breakfast at Cicero Group with the Home Secretary to champion women in business across the Commonwealth as part of CHOGM 2018. As one of the few SMEs to become part of the 30% Club, Iain acts as a mentor to several women in business. Cicero now hosts the regular Women in Public Affairs events and his team members are part of the decision making structure and governance. He has also personally supported the Diversity Project on a pro bono basis with strategic communications advice, designed to bring more women into the asset management sector.