Susan Jurevics

Susan is a Member of Moms@ Audible and the Executive Sponsor of Women@ Audible, the largest employee impact group in the US with growing global chapters. Susan is focused on fostering women leadership talent with an expanding remit to include minority voices. A recipient of the NYU Stern Women in Business (SWIB) award, Susan is also a Board member of BRIC Arts & Media and is working to take sustained action to make diverse cultural programming accessible and elevating artistic expression from women and minorities. Susan is a champion of inclusion in the workplace and beyond and has advocated for women throughout her career.

Anne Erni

Anne activates caring at Audible by driving a culture that embraces all the glories of the human spectrum. She introduced the D&I function to three organizations – Lehman Brothers, Bloomberg, and now Audible. Anne founded and co-chaired Audible’s Activate Caring Committee, which addressed racial issues pertaining to the company’s content offerings, and the Audible Workplace Taskforce, which addressed psychological safety, intersectionality, race and hate debates, and gender equity. She is a mentor in W.O.M.E.N. In America (WIA), a development program for high potential women, with a focus on women of color. She has also supported Johns Hopkins University’s efforts to drive diversity in its faculty. An effort that Anne is most proud of is pioneering “Encore”, the first “back to work” program for women who had left the workplace for extended periods to care for their children, which launched at Lehman Brothers in 2005 and thrives nationally in the US today.