Dominic Christian

Dominic has personally signed up to the 30% Club, signed Aon’s Gender Pay Gap Report, and signed Aon up to the Women In Finance Charter. They have also signed up to The Diversity Project, which drives gender parity in the investment sector, and are keenly involved in the programme. Dominic is the overall executive sponsor of all seven Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and the lead of the Diversity Council at Aon, and they have an extremely active Women’s Group (Women’s International Network). Passionate about engaging men in the gender debate, he mentors eight women, and as part of the Sponsorship Programme he sponsors three senior females on a regular and engaged basis. Aon also hosted a HeForShe event with high profile speakers, where Dominic made his personal HeForShe Pledge. Externally, he is the chairman of Inclusion@Lloyds, which is a committed group of senior individuals from across the insurance industry who champion diversity and inclusion. He was instrumental in the launch of the Dive In Festival – an annual celebration of diversity which in 2017 saw 80 events take place in 17 countries and 32 cities. On International Women’s Day, Dominic hosted various events at Aon ands an industry-wide one, with Inclusion@Lloyds.